Taiwan Chewing Gum | Short Film

This is a short documentary I produced and directed.  It’s about the Betel Nut culture in Taiwan.  Enjoy!

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3rd time is a charm

City Bridge


As I’ve posted before sometimes I will return to a location I like more than once depending on the sky.  Here are 3 shots of the same bridge slightly different angles, time of day and weather.  Which one do you like best?

Day vs. Night

Taipei City has a lot of great rooftop locations.

Taipei City has a lot of great rooftop locations.

As per usual, I’m always looking for new places with the best vantage points.  I stayed here for a couple of hours, first waiting 30 minutes or so for the light to get better, then to do some time lapse shooting (both day & night).

Here are 2 still frames from the time lapse I shot, day vs night.

Taiwan Chewing Gum – Trailer

This is a 1 minute trailer for a documentary I produced and filmed called Taiwan Chewing Gum.  The film is about Betel Nut Culture in Taiwan.  I’ll will post the full 10 minute narrated version of it as soon as possible, I’m entering it in as many film festivals as possible this year so it won’t be until sometime next year that everyone gets to see it unfortunately.